Esquire Photoshoot With Tom Hardy


A spin-off from the Bike Shed Show 2018 was an opportunity of using our 1979 Honda CB400f for a photo shoot with Tom Hardy for Esquire magazine. The shoot was to promote Tom's new film Venom and was shot by the legendary photographer Greg Williams (not that Tom isn't legendary ... that's just a given). 

As expected the pictures turned out great, the bike held its own and complimented the shoot. To say our grins went from ear to ear is a slight understatement and our hard work was rewarded even more when Belstaff (who provided the clothing for the shoot) posted the picture on their Instagram page. Tom and Greg were stoked with the bike spending time admiring the attention to detail that kept us up at night bouncing ideas back and forth. 

This baby Honda has come some way from a barn find to featuring on the front spread of an international magazine .. a true rags to riches story! whoever says life begins at 40 was definitely right for this little beauty.