Buzz Vizualz


My paintings represent the energy and speed of “auto-motion”


I’m Chris White, a Graphic Artist, tutor and teacher. I spent 15 years as an art tutor. It was one of the seminal periods of my life. My duty-of-care was to encourage and guide students to find their own vernacular. I told them it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, we all make them, what really matters is that you learn from the experience.

I also love the challenge of trying to replicate these beautiful machines in two dimensions, giving the essence of speed. On paper, aluminium, hardboard, plywood or anything else that comes to hand. 

I combine traditional painting techniques with digital processes to create patterns and forms to emphasise velocity.  Mixing media and processes is a true passion of mine. 

Painting machines in motion fulfils a criteria that represents everything about life to me. Each ride is built for movement and fuses universal elements with its own Big Bang

I paint the builds to represent the character of each individual motorcycle. Every one is unique and has its own personality - and very much like people, a product of the earth.

The craftsmanship and artistry that goes into conceptualising, developing, testing, building and scrutinising these metalworks is a metaphor for life. I truly admire each motorcycle builder and their ability to produce individually crafted sculptures  

In a world driven by mass production, these builds I study are examples of individuality and freedom to respect the timbre of classic motorcycle design with free form custom re-interpretations that challenge each builder to test their skillset and push the limits of producing one off artefacts. 



“Like the rolling sculptures of classic and custom cycles featured in the Haas Moto Museum, Chris’s work is unlike any other paintings we have ever come across.  His signature style reimagines the motorcycles depicted in his paintings as individual strips connected in a way that reflects the cycle in motion. We are proud to have six of Chris’s paintings on display at the Museum, which are a refreshing source of wonder and enjoyment for our guests and staff alike.” 

Bobby Haas, Founder and Curator of the Haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery in Dallas TX


“How this man continues to capture the essence of motion and speed in his art totally amazes me


Marc Parker, Parker Brothers Concepts