Projekt K

Our bike of 2020 Projekt K finally came to an end when we delivered the bike to an excited customer. As this build was essentially a prototype it took 9 months from tear down to road legal. 
The customer was completely blown away and speechless when the bike rolled off our ramp. It was the first time he had seen it with his naked eye and in his words, "Wow!! in real life it actually looks even better than in the photos".
The spitfire team fired the bike up to an instant roar from the custom exhaust and talked the customer through the starting process and the new motogadget wiring loom and controls.
An emotional build for the spitfire team as boundaries were pushed, design fighting against what is mechanical but we did it.
Thanks to M.R.S racing and everyone else involved in this epic build.
Check out the October Built magazine Edition for a full write up on Projekt K.