About us

Here at the Spitfire Speed Shop we love what we do!!

It all started in the summer of 2017 with a shed build that got out of hand!

We were honoured to be invited to show the bike in the BikeShed show at Tobacco Dock 2018. We then launched a line of merchandise off the back of that show with the help of Krazyhorse5 which is super cool and evolving into a big part of the Spitfire.

We have a passion for totally rebuilding older bikes that would just fade away over time. We also love revamping a more modern machine so we’re open to anything as long as we can visualise a beautiful end state.

Our build concept has 2 streams, serial numbered official Spitfire Speed Shop builds and individually named Projects for customer owned bikes.

The Triple S is always creating something special wether it be a bike or our merchandise. We hope to reach out to more than just bike culture, we want to be involved with everything extreme, cool and interesting!!!

The brand speaks for itself, we strive for perfection with everything we do!!!! 

Thanks for taking your time out and visiting our site,

The Spitfire Crew......