Project Punisher

Project Punisher is based on a BMW K100. This is a full rebuild with an emphasis on being as 'custom' as possible but remaining pretty standard as far as parts go.
Phase 1, was a complete tear down of the donor bike, the design and the fabrication. Attention to detail was spent on striping the bike down to a plain canvas, leaving just what we need to fabricate and adjust.
The main fabrication was on the rear of the bike which we raised 1.5 inches, creating a saddle seat and a clean look. Integrated rear light and number plate hugger with the battery tucked away under the seat.
Phase 2, we moved onto the engine and exhaust system. The engine was blasted and rubbed back to a bare metal, prepared and painted in Satin Black. All new gaskets and bolts replaced with full a engine service kit. The exhaust was fabricated to look like a old school motocross bike, super loud and super gnarly.

Phase 3, the front end, assembly, wiring loom and rolling road. The front end was kept standard and stripped back. Forks serviced and painted, along with callipers and wheels. A custom cluster made for the ignition and speedo and braided brake lines working off the standard controls. An LED front headlamp fitted with super small indicators. Last but not least, the fuel tank painted in Satin Black, a spiders web of electrics disposed of and replaced with a modern loom and electric lunch box to replace the original BMW clock cluster ECU. Aggressive dirt tyres fitted front and back!

Thanks to the Spitfire Speed Shop team and MRS Racing!