Project Talos

Project Talos is a customer build based on an 80's Honda CBX750.
The project is named after the mythical giant bronze statue of Talos, hence the paint colour and the fact that this is a big old bike.

The bike came to us in a sorry state bought by our customer off eBay (see the pictures below) with the intent to do the build himself.
The tear down was quick and a full rebuild of the engine was required, this was tricky due to parts availability. 

We then concentrated on the chassis work and grafted a new shock into the bike, this left a big hole in the swingarm where the old shock was. We decided to run the exhaust through there to keep the bike looking compact due to the size of it!
Custom parts were next on the list and we made some triple clamps, the Moto Gadget digital dash was dropped into the top clamp.

Project Talos has been a build that required a high level of patience and attention to detail. Early 80's Honda's can be hard to picture at the design stage, this one especially.

Thanks for your time,

The Spitfire build team....