Spitfire MTB Riders | Defying Gravity At Some Of The Best UK Dirt Bike Tracks

'Every mountain biker has two personalities: the one who loves the climb and the one who loves the descent'

Here at Spitfire MTB we promote the descent and more importantly how you tackle it! Here's some of our MTB riders killing it at our favourite tracks...

Freddy Pulman - Spitfire MTB riders


Freddy Pulman, a UK MTB athlete sponsored by Canyon has been a Spitfire rider since 2018. Promoting the Spitfire brand from his own dirt jump yard to the outstanding Red Bull Vanta Jam competition. 

 Check out more from Freddy @fpulman. 

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'Gravity, its not just a good idea; it's the law of downhill mountain biking'

The Welsh MTB boys at Merthyr Tydfil have been representing the Spitfire MTB brand with style. A group of dedicated MTB riders that push the boundaries and resent the consequences. 


Head over to our YouTube channel for the full action. 


Martin Dunn, a daredevil rider from Merthyr Tydfil has been pushing the Spitfire brand hard in the world of freestyle MTB, helping to build dirt jumps and ramps to support his local MTB community. 

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'Speed is your friend, fear is your enemy'

Revolutions Bike Park Wales

Known to be one of the most gnarliest downhill mountain bike centres in the UK. Our rider Luke Wyatt cannot only send it on every line the park holds but does it in style!

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Luke a former member of the Spitfire Speed Shop has promoted the Spitfire for years in the MTB world. Competing in multiple MTB events across the UK. Fearless by nature and a character not phased with the life of extreme sports. Luke not only lives the life of a true MTB enthusiast but an awesome snowboarder. The world is not big enough for Luke and he has travelled to New Zealand to further his talents in the lifestyle of MTB and to find them unknown lines! 

Luke Wyatt Spitfire MTB Sponsorships


Brakes only slow you down from finding your limits

Forrest of Dean

One of the most popular bike parks in the UK and with the awesome Pedal a Bike Away Centre in the heart of it, results in a rush of of hundreds of keen MTB riders visiting every weekend. The Spitfire brand is often seen flowing down its renowned lines, from the fast flowing Launch Pad to the pro-line GBU. 

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The Forest of Dean seems to be the MTB place where the Spitfire brand stands out the most. With downhill mountain bikers enjoying wearing our Spitfire MTB T-shirts and MTB Jerseys all year round! 

Thank You Spitfire MTB Riders